mconnect problem with aac files

I have a raspberry with the volumio card and in both I have a problem with the mconnect application for listening to Tidal.
Well, the problem is that in the mconnect application listening to, for example, my favorite any list (especially older recordings), if it ends, the program randomly selects its other list of similar songs and plays it beautifully but until …
When the song appears, the file in aac format the raspberry device stops and does not play this song (I will add that on the phone with the adroid mconnect plays the aac format), you have to manually jump to the next song which is in the flac format, it is tiring enough because in the selected randomly by mcoonect there are several such songs.
I also have bubleupnp installed but using it, the look of the mconnect application itself is sensational for me and I want to stay with this program.
E.g: in mconnect after choosing Perfect - Autobiography shows as many as four different covers from albums of this recording (of course one of them is the unfortunate aac format) and in bubleupnp there is only one to choose from which indicates that bubleupnp has somehow a smaller search resource tracks versus mconnect, although both are search through Tidal.
The question is, can you somehow force the raspberry to play this aac file in mconnect?
This is a bit strange because aac internet radios are played but I read somewhere that there are different aac formats and maybe someone has some codec to install in the raspberry to get it started.
Thank you in advance for any help

Is there a possibility in mconnect to set it, turn it off in the application so that it doesn’t read or show songs in aac format?
Is there any modified version of mconnect in which the option to play and, above all, search for files in aac format is turned off?
I welcome you in advance and thank you for all the help