Maximum SD card size limited ?

Hi all,
i know that, after a clean install of volumio2, the volume is expanded to use the entire sd card space.
Now, that there is readily available sd cards with 256GByte ++ i would like to know if there is a limit in size for the volumio installation
on such cards.

The background of my question is that i would like to put all my music to the internal memory. I have a PI zeroW with usb dac
powered off a power bank for to use on-the-go.
I already managed to put music to /mnt/NAS and keep it there for “offline usage”.
Seemingly /mnt/NAS is part of the huge overlay file system residing on /mmcblkp03 partition of the sd card.

Maybe someone could shed a littee light on this. A forum search using “sd card maximum size” returned no info on that so hopefully
this question is not too N00B.


Hi Frank, there should be no limit whatsoever, as the resize works even with 1TB drives

Ah, good news. Thank you.
I’m going to give it a try.


Did this work out for you?

Are you still using the headphone amp from HeadWize?