Max tracks at 9999?

Is there a reason the maximum number of tracks Volumio displays in the library is limited to 9999? I have > 10,000 in my library and use the track count to verify it is seeing everything. Very time consuming to verify otherwise.


There is no limit to the number of tracks Volumio displays in the library. I have > 10,000 tracks and Volumio displays the correct number. Some time ago I fixed an issue where mpd (and therefore Volumio) miscounted the number of albums but the track counting was always correct. I just checked the result by comparing the count in Volumio with a count of all songs from a directory listing and a count of songs direct from mpd. They all concur.

If you are getting an incorrect count then there must be another reason for it. Are you sure that all of your songs are being shown in Volumio? If you have SSH access then you can check which tracks mpd (and therefore Volumio) can see with the command:

mpc listall

With a large library it might be more convenient to write the output to a file and then look at the file:

mpc listall > listallsongs.txt

You can then view the file in a text editor which can count or display the number of lines. For example, using nano:

nano listallsongs.txt

This will display the file content and the number of lines (each song is listed on one line) in the file. It should equal the number of songs being reported in Volumio.

Thanks, the mpc listall | wc -l tip helped. mpc reports 10219, which agrees with Winamp when pointing at the same NAS storage drive. However, the track count displayed in Volumio under Config -> My Music only shows 10216. So its off by 3, don’t know why. At least mpc is correct.

I have three directories where everything is stored. The 128GB Flash drive, the backup drive, and the NAS drive that Volumio and both Turtle Beach Audiotrons see. I use Beyond Compare to keep everything in sync. I use WinAmp to keep things organized on the Flash drive and then push everything downstream from there. I forgot to push a couple hundred to the NAS drive.

I did notice that when you click “Update” or “Rescan” in Volumio, there is no feedback that I can see that it’s actually doing anything. No flashing text that says ‘Working…’ or something like that. Is that by design?

There is a rather subtle (hard to see if you don’t know where you’re looking) change to the ‘Browse’ tab at the bottom of the display for earlier versions. The latest dev version of Volumio has a pop up message explicitly stating that an update is occurring.