Max size SD card supported by Pi3+ and Volumio?

Long story short,

retrieving FLAC music off the NAS is a pain (dunno why but Volumio sees the router and other devices but not the NAS which works smoothly along the whole network), tried to use an old MacMini and also converted all the FLAC to AAC but only software could use is iTunes which literally su**s so the option is, since my whole music library is about 130-140GB, to delete something and fit it all into a 128GB SD but wondering, before I eventually buy one, if the Pi and Volumio support it.

Thank you


Yes it supports it, but I would strongly recommend getting a Thumb drive instead of writing to SD all those files

Good idea about the thumb drive even tho I thought of the SD to minimize footprint and not to have other things attached onto it, initially thought of a HAT to mount a 2.5" SSD but it would require another power supply and more space involved and since I am not very convinced about the sound quality of the Pi on its own (mine streams sound through USB to an external DAC, a Beresford Caiman) I won’t throw other money onto it at this moment in time.