Mass "shuffle" button

One of my favorite features of Plex is the shuffle button that displays on the main page. Oftentimes, I don’t know exactly what I want to hear. So I hit the shuffle button on the main page, and it just randomly picks stuff from my massive library.

Is there any way to create this feature in Volumio? As far as I can tell, the only way to really do a “shuffle” playlist is to actually select the songs I want first (by album, artist, whatever), then hit the shuffle button. That’s OK, but I have thousands and thousands of songs in my library–making aplaylist of that seems like it would take hours, if not days. Plus, what happens each time I add more songs to my library?

Anyway, just a killer feature I’d love to have. Overall, I like Volumio a lot, and think it does a lot of things right. Thanks for the hard work so far.


Massive +1 from me for this

Last time I looked you can’t do it with the music libray, but you can do it with a playlist.
So what I do is make a playlist that includes the whole music library “All Music”, then you can play that playlist with shuffle on.

How do you add all music to a playlist?

Go to the root of your music library in the Music Library view.
Mine is USB, MUSIC
Click the three dot menu beside MUSIC
Add to playlist, name it All Music (or whatever you like), New
Hey presto.

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This works, but takes forever and makes the UI super slow, and you can’t see the queue.

I don’t get why, other free players can index the same library without problem and shuffle it without getting bogged down.