Marketplace board?

Do we need a marketplace board?

  • Yes, nice idea!
  • No, sell your stuff elsewhere!

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what about a marketplace board here on this forum? I’m sure everybody has some stuff not needed anymore. DACs, Digital Interface boards, power supplies…

I would rather see a trade page of some sorts so that people can trade components / dac’s etc.
Or some sort of promotion thread where makes of compatible DAC’s and hobbyist creators can promote there stuff.

This thread already does (a part of) this list-i2s-dacs-for-raspberry-t1103-30.html

tekdevice already uses that thread and ive spotted IQaudIO in there

Yep, good idea! I’m thinking to allow only people with more than 10 posts to be able to use it.
Does this sounds equally good to you guys?

Audiophile Bazaar has been created see: audiophile-bazaar-f34.html

Please read the rules and guidelines

michelangelo, thanks for opening a marketplace and vendors place. Also a minimum of 10 post before being allowed to post there is a very good idea. Helps to keep those out, nobody wants!