Marantz 7005 and the connection Raspberry dac usb A to usb B

I am before buying a Marantz 7005 with a USB B dac and before buying a raspberry pi 3b + or

(please advise me which model is better to choose, it will only be for music, I don’t want

to assume

no fans must operate on passive cooling).
On Raspberry Pi I want to put the Volumio system and it will only serve me as a transport


Tidal, Spotify and Tunein radio with Raspberry usb A to Marantz 7005 on usb B with usb

I want to use Raspberry only to connect only with this USB cable to Maranzt, I don’t want


mount an additional HiFi Berry card.
My question is will my Marantz detect Raspberry connected to me via this usb cable?
Do I need to add any Rasberry usb-audio drivers to Volumio?
If all this works, will the sound be of the same good quality (of course

Spotify and Tidal) how does this happen in the integrated newer Marantz 7000N? (

which has everything already integrated on the Heos platform and plays it sensational, but

I listened

it’s only very short while listening to the store)?
I will add that I do not want to have Heos platform only in that it is often hung,

disconnects (many descriptions are on other forums).
Thank you in advance for your response.

Both models are good, really hard to choose. I can recommend this site , here you can figure it out and find like-minded people.

I too have a AV7005, and I don’t think you’re going to get USB audio working. I believe the front USB port only works with a USB stick, not with a streamer. Check the AV7005 manual.

I’m trying a Pi4 using HDMI connection. I have only spent one hour at it and having issues getting sound to the 7005 or Volumio working properly on the Pi 4, not sure which yet.