manual plugin install issue

Hi devs,

I do “heavy” testing nearly all day and - in a second stage - also on the “inofficial” plugins. I did a script to install these - but it is broken by asking me if i want to activate it since the new (appreciated) feature to activate it after successful install at the GUI.

Unfortunately there is no reaction to input of “n” “y” “yes” “no” “Y” “N” Yes" “No” - the only way to get further is [CTRL]+[C] but this is also cancelling my script.
An option like “volumio plugin install -n” — or -y would be very helpful for my many test setups to be automated again.
Sorry if i should have missed something in the docu.

Best Regards

Hi Josef,

have you found a solution to it yet? This is also relevant for us to be able to create one, simple to use install script for various dependencies and plugins.


Good idea, on our todo list