Manual Artist Images

So this is a feature request/question if this is already possible. I almost always browse my collection via the artist tab and it bothers me that some artists don’t have a picture, have a wrong one (different artist, same name) or a really bad one. Now on my PC I use MusicBee and with that you can just look for the ArtistImages folder in the library folder and change/add any images you want (you do need to remove all the images from the appdata for this to work). Can I do a similar thing with Volumio and so how, if not maybe this is something that would be nice to have in an update. I know that this is just a cosmetic issue, so I understand if this isn’t a priority. I don’t know that much about the internals of Volumio, but I would think that these images are saved somewhere and not loaded from the internet, I assume, everytime.

It seems like an obvious thing to do, it has been asked for several times.
All it would need is for it to look in the artist/band folder (before looking online at and use artist.jpg or similar, just as it does with the folder.jpg image in the album folders.