Manifest UI Feedback and discussion

The SoundCloud plugin, along with Bandcamp Discover / Mixcloud plugins, will have section titles that won’t display properly in the Manifest UI. This is because of the links embedded in the titles. The way they are embedded is really a hack to overcome the limitations of Volumio UI.

When the Manifest UI is finalized, I would have to come up with a hacky solution again. We’ll see…


Really like the manifest UI, however not very well aligned using a 1280 x 400 display.

  • Should move more to the left.
  • The alignment of playinfo type and sample rate is not proper aligned.
  • Progress bar should be placed lower, to have a bit more room for the album

Very pleased with the new UI! On iPhone (latest iOS) the lower part of the screen is somewhat crowded. Moving the buttons and progress bare a bit more upwards would help. For me, the artwork could be larger. It are minor things, and it’s mostly a matter of taste… Many thanks!

here the same problem on an android smartphone and a 4.3 inch DSI touchscreen.

otherwise it looks nice :+1:

yeah looks nice if you could use it :slight_smile:

yes, it would be useful, by the way on a mac no problem

look @dvo, it is ok to give critical feedback, that is where the product gets better from. So please do so and give feedback instead of your negative one-liners.

i already written where it sits what it does and how it works do you need more?
i didnt get any responce only that i was negative it was a anwser to michel
and getting nuts from one stupid triggering toaster is just one of the many bugs to solve i guess.

Love the new UI! Many thanks to the developers.

I have one suggestion which would make it even better though. Well, I would say way better, at least in my opinion :slight_smile:

Swipe down to go to the ‘‘home screen’’ of the Library (sources)

At the moment when I search for some music and want to switch to another source, it doesn’t make sense. I just keep on clicking the back button many times: back to album, back to artist/playlist, back to Tidal (for instance), back to sources/library.

There is currently no swipe down gesture, so I guess it would be quite easy to implement this.

I Hope this helps!

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I really love it! Well done!

Second that. It’s the one area that takes longer. Or a home button, but a swipe gesture would work fine.

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Me too. I also have found a green disabled back arrow on a panel which also has a close window ‘x’ so a few minor navigation issues. A home button sounds like a good idea.
And also many thanks very much to the developers… looks very nice.

Volumio Buster Beta v3.150 with new UI. :sunglasses:

One thing that I think can be improved is home button on any screen.

Based on your feedback we did some fixes and improvements, available in 3.152:

  • Fixes for viewport issues on mobile devices
  • Fixes for blur not working on firefox
  • Navigation improvements for browsing, including swipe gestures and a home button
  • Some other minor tweaks and fixes

Swiping gestures? Yes:

On the home screen:

  • Swipe right → Opens the hamburger menu
  • Swipe left → Opens the browse screen
  • Swipe up → Opens the queue
  • Swipe down → Opens the Audio Outputs menu

On the browse screen:

  • Swipe right → Exit browse screen
  • Swipe left → One step back

Check the Volumio3 beta thread here

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hahaha maybe because of this :laughing:

Yep, one thing that was not clear enough was why you were redirected to login every 30 secs if you did not have the premium plan. So that’s why this was added

Some initial feedback.

  • scrolling in an IOS browser or the Apple app is now fixed (on an old ipad)
  • screen now fits properly on my Android phone
  • the swiping gestures work well - fast and easy switching between home and browse
  • everything works as it should on Windows and the Raspberry 7" touchscreen

yups first they want you to look and test and forgot to say its a premium option,
if they would do the next premium release say it in the title / post so everybody knows
then nobody without a premium account would test it.
and i would not switch to 3.150 for nothing.

I tried Manifest today and it seems quite nice, with a cleaner and less cluttered design, but there are a couple of small things I would like to see fixed/improved.

The main issue I have is that the volume control can be too slow to get to. If you choose a new radio station and the music is a bit loud you have to first close the station selector panel at the top of the screen, then scroll down to the bottom of the screen to open the volume controller and then finally move the cursor back up to adjust the volume. If the music is too loud that’s an annoyingly long process. I would recommend a permanently open volume slider in all the main selection/playback views.

Secondly, for the desktop view, I would love to see the album artwork a little bigger and moved more towards the centre, with the text moved to the right and down, something like this:

It feels like there is too much dead space on the right with the current proportions.

Could be nice to have a little Volumio logo in the top left as well :slight_smile:

Finally, a very small niggle, but the home icon is just a bit too small in the desktop view (when the icon is shown)


p.s. it would be better not to obscure the browse icon with the volume control (when it pops up). There is space for both. Just my opinion, of course :slight_smile:

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