Mandatory/freemium account

Hi there

I’ve just upgraded to 3 and was disappointed to find out that in order to install plugins a (free) account is now necessary.

I understand that Volumio is free software and there is a lot of work needed to create such a product. And I really like all the features of volumio. But I don’t want my data collected by anyone.

I’m wondering if I’m the only one concerned about this?


I was astonished, too.
And I wonder does volumio sell my user data, what music I hear, radio broadcast, podcasts, topics.
Once there was a discussion on volumio connected with cambridge analytica…

I recommend reading the post from @volumio where he answered such concerns.

We don’t and never will sell any of your data. Our business model is different: make a great product and if we do, get rewarded by subscriptions.
(and bear in mind that if we really wanted to do that, we could have done without the user account… )

For Cambridge Analytica, I think you’re mixing up stuff… No such discussion that I can remember, and frankly not plausible…

I’d imagine the CA Volumio might be associated with is Cambridge Audio perhaps?

Thanks for answering.
In your “Terms and Conditions”, you state what data you collect and what it is used for. I really like that honesty and yes, you could be collecting data without even mentioning it.

However, you collect data that is, in my opinion, not used for your services. May be you could implement a opt in for certain data. For example, if I don’t want my favorites to be synced, because I either have only one device or because I don’t want to share my date.

I do believe you that you don’t want to sell collected data. Usually, such thoughts only come when things go downhill, which I hope does never happen to you.

Thanks for your suggestion.

Your suggested feature sounds really sound and wise, so we added it to our todo list. It is however pretty low in our priority algorithm… So can’t promise we will deliver on this.