Mandatory/freemium account

Hi there

I’ve just upgraded to 3 and was disappointed to find out that in order to install plugins a (free) account is now necessary.

I understand that Volumio is free software and there is a lot of work needed to create such a product. And I really like all the features of volumio. But I don’t want my data collected by anyone.

I’m wondering if I’m the only one concerned about this?


I was astonished, too.
And I wonder does volumio sell my user data, what music I hear, radio broadcast, podcasts, topics.
Once there was a discussion on volumio connected with cambridge analytica…

I recommend reading the post from @volumio where he answered such concerns.

We don’t and never will sell any of your data. Our business model is different: make a great product and if we do, get rewarded by subscriptions.
(and bear in mind that if we really wanted to do that, we could have done without the user account… )

For Cambridge Analytica, I think you’re mixing up stuff… No such discussion that I can remember, and frankly not plausible…

I’d imagine the CA Volumio might be associated with is Cambridge Audio perhaps?