Make Our Skins for peppyMeter

It’s not a university. The resolution can be different: 300, 200 etc. @peppy.player set it to 170 dpi and set it that way.
It’s not a texture, just part of an image (.jpg)
If the indicators are in the lower part (I wrote above) - it is enough to work on the entire image (for example, 1920x1080). You delete unnecessary elements and save as .png which has transparency. Then meter x and y will be equal to “0”

perfect, got it, thank you

HI, I started customizing the first skin, I chose a simple one - Dash.
on the rasp I used a monitor with 1900x600 resolution, I changed the name of the volume custom 6 folder so “custom_6 (1600x900)” putting the new files there.
from the “dash-ext.jpg” i removed the indicator, i resized only the image and put the indicator back with its original size, so to not touch its settings :slight_smile: so in meter file I had modify only:
the size of the cover, the X of the cover, the indicator and the playinfo, keeping the Ys unchanged for now

What should you change in the meter file if you change the size of the indicator?

also these: the “dash-bgr.png” image : same as the image inside the dash-ext.jpg file
but the “dash-indicator.png” image, how?

I saw that in the images there are guides to determine the pixel to put in the meter file, I am providing a file with the different levels ready to accept the new guides file is didactic dash-ext.psd
Folder with files

Thanks bye

if you do bgr like in the picture:

Meter.x and meter.y will be ZERO
There is no indicator file in the attachments

For linear indicators, ONLY: background and indicator can be used. They must be in .png format
FGR and screen.bgr = may not be used

position.regular = 9
position.overload = 4


step.width.regular = 56 — At your place, based on file: 48
step.width.overload = 56 — At your place, based on file: 48


dash-indicator_oryginal_for you
YOURS (5.8 KB)

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so to summarize:
for a linear indicator of fact you have to create

  • a “bgr.filename” file, with a PNG extension with the same measurements as the indicator in the “screen.bgr” file
  • an “indicator.filename” file, with the same measurements as the “bgr.filename” “indicator lights”?
    Then you have to give the coordinates that you clarified in the image on the post,
    left & right.X (or Y) which is the shift of bgr.filename in relation to
    meter.x (Or meter.Y) which refers to bgr.filename
    With linear everything is clear now :slight_smile:
    Skin repurposed to 1600x900 works fine, just one thing :

why with these lines
playinfo.type.pos = 868,320
playinfo.samplerate.pos = 868,275,regular
the samplerate is in the center and the type is not (it would be good if the samplerate was left aligned too)

I’ll do some tests and everything will work out but it’s curious.

Thanks for your patience, now I’ll refine and put the prettiest linear skins, then I’ll dedicate myself to the “circular” skins

Truly you have been precious, see you next time bye.

Did you read the post above? The one about samplerate? Do you not understand or need to explain?

Yes, I read, but some explanation is better:
playinfo.maxwidth = 1200
in the section put 1200 as the definition of the information box,
all information will be centered in the box with the command “ = True”
But why is the box centered on the image?
and then why 360 centers the samplerate with the definition of “playinfo.samplerate.pos = 360,985,bold”

Hi, I think this background is useful to understand where to display the information in play and change the pixel values. What do you think about it?


Great initiative,

I always use the coordinates in to get all my points. It’s faster and more precise and write then on a piece of paper to generate the meters.txt. Especially useful to get the exact bottom position for needles .

of course with paint you can check indicator, bgr and similar, I thought of a temporary background in the grid to check the reproduction information and related info

as soon as I have time I’ll have to test how the box is centered in the image screen…I don’t understand yet :smiley:

you’re thinking to difficult.
If your screen 100x200, your bgr = 100x200.
Everything you place on the bgr in or photoshop will have the same co-ordinates as on the screen.
You only need to get the blue points:

yes I understood that but what sends me haywire are the execution info if I give absolute coordinates then on the display they are aligned in different pixels, I get there but I have to go by trial and error. Thanks bye

I don’t understand what you don’t understand?

1.First, you set where the data will be displayed (artist, album, title). Of course, for each separately
For example:
Field 1 - artist, Field 2 - album, Field 3 - title (or whatever you decide)
2. Specify the maximum area where it should fit (this will be our playinfo.maxwidth = e.g. 750px (for all lines it will be the same!!) i.e.:
The artist will fit in 750 px
The album will fit in 750 px
The title will fit in 750 px
and the samplerate will be 750 px
You cannot make the artist field 1200px, the album field 1000px, the title field 400px. All fields are the same.
3. If you set = True - everything will be centered in the field
4. If you set = False - everything will be left aligned (artist, album, title, samplerate)

  1. You set where the beginning of our field from the left side should be (this is the first number), for example:
    playinfo.title.pos =850
    This means that the title will be displayed in a box 750px wide, in the middle of this box, starting centering at 850px
    6.If you set artist, album, title and samplerate to the same value (e.g. 850): All lines will start at the same place and will be centered to each other.
    7.If you set artist 850px (playinfo.artist.pos =850), title 700px (playinfo.title.pos =700, album 920px (playinfo.album.pos =920):
    The artist will be displayed in a 750px field, centered starting at 850px from the left.
    The title will be displayed in a 750px field, centered starting at 700px from the left.
    The album will be displayed in a 750px field, centered starting at 920px from the left

Maximum value: playinfo.maxwidth =
cannot exceed the maximum width of your monitor (monitor 1920x1080 - maximum 1920, monitor 1900x600 - maximum 1900 etc…) - then the distance from the left will be “0”
sum : left distance + maxwidth field. E.g. maxwidth 900, distance from left = max 1000 (for 1900x600 monitor)

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great! But :frowning:
despite your fantastic explanations it’s me who still doesn’t understand, here is an example:

with this configuration
— volumio optional entries -------
config.extend = True
albumart.pos = 79,79
albumart.dimension = 745,745
albumart.border = 0
playinfo.maxwidth = 632 = True
playinfo.title.pos = 123,100,bold
playinfo.artist.pos = 1203,147,regular
playinfo.album.pos = 1203,194,light
playinfo.samplerate.pos = 920,275,regular
playinfo.type.pos = 1203,320
playinfo.type.color = 11,11,11
playinfo.type.dimension = 60,60
time.remaining.pos = 1048,549
time.remaining.color = 11,11,11
font.size.digi = 60
font.size.light = 30
font.size.regular = 30
font.size.bold = 34
font.color = 11,11,11

you only see
-the title (I accidentally typed it wrong, you can see it on the cover)
-the type.
I can’t find a logic, I don’t :frowning:
Can you tell me what I keep getting wrong?
Thanks bye

Thanks bye

After some attempts I got the desired result:

  • time remaining and type are absolute coordinates (why was it not displayed in the first attempt?)
  • title, artist, album and samplerate vary with the maxwidth value
    in my case maxwidth 632, to have the desired coordinate 1203
    I have to enter the value of 903 for the variables and 1203 for the absolutes
    It looks like it should subtract half (as it’s centered) of the width (?..)
    I just can’t get there :slight_smile:
    Thanks bye

Hi, to put the covers in the foreground I made these two skins… you can improve a lot, but they are the first, suggestions are welcome.
stone & sea
@gelo5 @Wheaten

Always drop for what resolution. If for 1900x600, probably not useful

I like the stone. can’t use it though, as I have different resolutions to work with.
As Gelo5 mention, make four downloads for it
stone 1600x900
stone 1920x1080
Dashmare 1600x900
Dashmare 1920x1080

mentioning this, I think we should start a new topic with all skins, as it becomes a bit of wildlife with multiple locations

I tried to upload a compressed file RAR but the forum server didn’t authorize me