Make Manifest UI Free

I updated to Volumio 3 this morning hoping that there would be improvements to the UI and for the first few moments when i turned on the new UI it felt great compared to the old one, much more logical and laid out, even when you scroll down on a mobile phone it didn’t reload the page I thought Finally! only to be met by a popup saying that the new UI is a Premium feature only.

Now, I can understand all the other Premium features should be just that, but the UI? Really?

Especially bringing new users to the platform I can see them trying out the app and moments later turning away from it due to the UI not being optimized, I bought a Digione for my parents but when I last asked them, they hadn’t used it much due to the fact that it didn’t feel as intuitive then let’s say Spotify or other free music players around.

I just feel that you want to present the app in the best way possible, especially for new users and not having them discover that it feels old and hard to use and then have a better experience of the app itself behind a payment-wall or subscription.


Edit, Should clarify that i only bring this up as i like the app and only wish whats best and not to bring the developers down in any way.


I agree, from whole list of premium features, most people would love to use only new UI, for me personally from premium I need only UI, other features are useless to me. But I also understand that Guys from Volumio team are working for free, God bless them for this fantastic job, they should earn some money for this job, also I can pay some money just for features I need like Manifest UI, but paying 6,49€ monthly for just one features is quite much for me. Maybe Volumio team can divide premium features for few smaller groups which costs 1-2€ monthly, this would be great for most people’s.


I can understand your point of view, especially if Manifest UI is the only premium feature which interests you, but I suspect that Manifest UI is the most popular feature on the premium list and will attract a lot of users to the subscription.

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