Make Artist and Album clickable in GUI


it would be great to be able to click on the Artist name or cover and get to the respective Artist page or Album view from the music service where you listen at the moment.


I want to push this request. Am I really the only one who would like an easy way to go to the whole Album or Artist when you like a song? I think that would be an important usability improvement

Just click on the three small dots in near the album art in the playback window :wink:

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oh damn, how could I miss this? Hahaha…thanks

I bring it up once more: when going to the Album or Artist page I still miss the possibility to add it as favorite!

On the album page I can only add it to queue or playlist, not mark it as favorite (workaround: go to artist page and add album as favorite).

On the artist page I can not mark the artist as favorite too…

so still some usability issues here…