Madame, Monsieur, Bonjour

Hi there,

I am Paul, a 32 years old geek from Paris.

My digital audio experience started long long ago with MP3 CDs.
More recently I bought a Super T amp to drive some Eltax monitor which let the music flow to the kitchen.
Then I bought a raspberrypi with the eager to play with it and the hope to set a multiroom based on it + CPL network : never happened.
I finally drill a hole to let the cables go through the livingroom/kitchen wall !

Now my too 20th century sherwood tuner-amplifier is slowly dying.
I am considering replacing with a new class T amplifier, a DAC and raspberrypi as main source.
First I discover raspyfi, and then volumio ! With multiroom !

Oh my let’s by the missing parts and go testing volumio.

Talk to you soon !


Welcome paul! If you need a new class D amp, I can just reccomend an Ice power…
Then I heard wonders of these

Waiting for mine to arrive… And then let’s see…