Mac Mini suffering on wifi

Hi there,

I’ve been enjoying Volumio for quite some time… firstly on a Raspberry Pi, nowadays on a Mac Mini.

It works just great with local files - flacs and dsds play wonderfully.

But… when it comes to using my wifi network, it becomes a pain. Wifi signal on the room is ok, as phone, tablets, and notebooks connect to it over there, without any issues.

I try using Spotify, and you just cannot stand it cutting several times even within the same song. Buffer and other settings are properly set. Even if I try using the local area network drive, it gives me problems, as it’s not able to play poor mp3 files!

What can I do to check whether it is a software problem, or maybe some macmini wifi antenna problem?? What can I do to check whether the problem actually is the network connection and not anything else?

I could try doing the same things using an ethernet cable… I COULD.

Your suggestions would be more than welcome, as it’s become a problem using it!

Many thanks and regards,