m3u Stations Title

Dear All,

Volumio is terrific. Only problem is to add Webradio station in m3u format. I tried all thinkable ways. Only way which is working to paste the m3u URI into the WEBRADIO folder. It works but without a decent title to display. Browsing through the list I have to select a line like m3u7774.m3u
Create a new file called BNR.m3u or BNR.m3u and the URI as newline inside won’t work

Any suggestions?

Making radio m3u’s can be a pain in the butt…

I got the to work by connecting via SSH;

cd /var/lib/mpd/music/WEBRADIO
nano BNR.m3u

Then in nano paste the uri/url and press enter 3 times creating 3 blank new lines after the url.

The problem and the reason why this works is because of the character coding, windows osx and linux all use a little different character coding. Enter in one coding is not the same in an other coding.

Big silence. Put 3 x Enter after the URI, edit with Notepad+m in Linux format. Not any result.

You can also open the m3u file in an editor, copy the stream URL and paste it into a pls file like this:

[playlist] NumberOfEntries=1 File1=http://stream-URL Title1=stream-name Length1=-1 Version=2

Works fine with all stations I tried so far, all of them get displayed in the webradio overview with the names that are defined in the pls file as “Title1”.