M2Tech HiFace Pop/Crack sound when next track is pressed

Hi !

I am currently testing volumio on a Raspberry Pi3 with an M2Tech HiFace; everything in default config.

The DSP is recognized and plays fine, however when I skip to the next track a crack/pop noise is produced. Transition between tracks without interaction (thus the queue just roles) works fine.

I already tried to force the output format via mpd.conf, which did not help.

Browsing the internet I found the troubleshooting guide: http://www.sound-pixel.com/files/product_pdf/hiFace%20-%20Official%20Troubleshooting%20and%20FAQ%20-%2025-3-13.pdf which states on the second page that it is a ‘hiFace typical behaviour related to buffers management’ (found via: https://sourceforge.net/p/alsa/mailman/message/30854249/) - Not sure how to deal with that.

Next steps would be a non altered DSP output and tinkering with ALSA.

Did anyone encounter this problem or something similar? Thx!

Hi Stoiker,

I’m currently using a M2 Tech high face DAC along with a pi3 B+ with volumio version 2.657 and have not any issues with popping or clicking.
Some where I read the newer M2 Tech had issues. I’m using an older one about 4 years old.


Thx for the reply, I also have this DAC in another setup, indeed a great DAC.
In the problematic setup it is the first one over there: http://www.newaudio.it/m2tech5.htm (no typo), which is also an older model.

Supplementary information about the setup:

  • From the DSP it goes directly to a Behringer DEQ2496 which also performs the DA-part; then to the amp and to the speakers.
  • The click/pop noise is proportional to the volume setup in the software mixer

I need to investigate further

Minor Update:

Migrating to the lates MPD version did not fix the issue. :frowning:
Next up: Testing without alsa