Low volume for some radios


RPi 3
Hifiberry digi+
Optical cable to dac
Latest Volumio (but same thing happened in previous version I had)

All radios which came with Volumio are working fine. Most of what I add working fine.

There is one particular streaming source (open.fm streams, e.g.
stream.open.fm/20 )
That has low volume level and IMHO missing low tones (sound is not right, high pitch) on my setup. Same links opened in browser (PC, ipad) play fine.

Sorry for… Bump!

Did you solve the problem? If so, how did you do it?


Still waiting for a solution or even a hint where to start solving this.


Here’s the link to bugzilla. You will find logs from Volumio there.

New bug opened. Old one closed without any word. Issue is still here.
Anyone any ideas?