Low quality sound using home stereo system

Hi, I’m newbie in the world of sound processing so I might not know even basics. I’m sorry, I didn’t find this problem described here so I’m posting it.

I installed newest Volumio on RPi3 and added HiFiBerry DAC+ and official display. Now I am able to output audio through DAC and additional USB creative soundblaster. It works when I use regular PC speakers, bluetooth speaker (using jack cable). But if I plug it to stereo system (Yamaha crx-040) audio quality is terrible, both from DAC and Soundblaster, even RPI3 jack. This may sound like hardware issue but previously I used RuneAudio in this configuration and it worked just fine. Rune lacks Youtube support like in volumio though.

What can I do to fix that audio quality? Volumio has some audio settings, but I don’t know which one to choose.

Make sure you use the correct input on your Yamaha. Also, try without the screen attached to your Pi. The screen draws quiet some power so test without the screen to see if your powersupply might be an issue. And offcourse verify the settings to see if the DAC is recognized correctly.

Hi, this is really strange that your topic seems like you are talking about the brand Sounds Like Home. Its famous in Australia for furniture and homeware! But you are talking about I think music!

As for me, it’s a very interesting discussion! Can you tell me what other systems are popular in Australia?

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