Lost Wifi on all my Volumios

I have 3 volumio devices currently running in the escape room I own. All of the music I use is stored locally on the device. I restarted my HA today and when I did that then all of my volumio devices would not connect back to my network. I have tried power failing them but have not had any luck. I have rebooted my network and they have not come back online. I can see them when I attach an ethernet cable to the and can log into them via hardwire but I cannot get to come alive via WiFi.

Steps tried alread

  1. Rebooted Devices
  2. Rebooted the network
  3. Rebooted the HA
  4. Reset the wireless connection settings and reinput the password

System Version 2.806


I know there is a volumio 3 out there but with what I am using, I don’t think I need to upgrade. Everything I use is stored locally and not streaming music. Any help is appreciated. I put a link to my log file as well.


maybe this helps you to find out what is going on …


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