Lost MyVolumio subscription

Hi, after paying my subscription for My Volumio the whole thing around Tidal works fine. Then I stopped the subscription to stop future payments. After that Tidal didn´t work any more. But I´ve paid for a month…:frowning:
What can I do?

Best regards

Hi Michael,
if you stop your subscription, you won’t be able to use MyVolumio anymore until you do it again.
Unfortunately we cannot change this behaviour, even if you already paid one month…

Hi Michelangelo,
thats a bug. And its a normal behaviour, that when you have a subscribtion to cancel it in advance, if you do not want to pay a longer peroid. Is it the same behaviour with an annual subscription? Then you have to change it, please.

Any chance to get an code for my lost month?

Best regards

Hi Michelangelo,
I´am back again. Paid 2,99€ aigain. no big issue…Tidal is streaming again with Steely Dan…
And I am back from ROON now nearly 2 Years ago. I´ve started with Volumio with a Pi 1 and now it streaming again with your last software and My Volumio and I am thrilled. You´ve done a great job in a difficult business.
Go on…

Best regards

I stumbled into the same bug but maybe trap is the better word as this hasn’t been fixed for 1 1/2 years now. Have people sign up for tidal integration and pay money, then notice that the integration is full of bugs and a really bad UI.

Not happy about this but then it’s just 3 bucks so keep it as a donation to support the free version.

This subscription behaviour is by design…
This is why we have:

  • 15 days trial (so you can understand if myvolumio is the right thing for you)
  • A big warning when you cancel that you won’t be able to use myvolumio from that moment

Any hint on how we can make it more clear? :wink:

This volumio and rpi brings me a lot of challenges:), in good terms, build a streamer, playing hires file from a nas, learn some basic electronics etc :). But my main usage will be playing hires file from qobuz via atached USB dac, due to this I have my volumio subscription. It will be great if the volumio team will improve the qobuz integration, then indeed it will be an ultimate music player :slight_smile: also a time-line it will be great, at least we will know when this thing it will happen.
Nevertheless I will remain myvolumio user.

Hi Lintbf thanks for your feedback.

We are completing a complete overhaul of streaming implementation.
TIDAL is almost done, next is QOBUZ.
Our goal is to publish a public beta this weekend