Loss of wifi after connecting display

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.882
Hardware: Raspberry Pi 4 B 4 GB
DAC: Nil

Hi All,

I’m unable to join my network via wifi after connecting to my display. The list of available wifi is still showing on the screen, but it won’t connect. I’ve setup volumio via WIFI before connecting to the display, therefore there shouldn’t be any issue with the wifi chip or anything. 5-inch 800x480 5 Points Touch Screen for Raspberry Pi This is the display I’m using.

I’m at a lost of what to do, any help will be great.

Many thanks.

what has a screen to do with wifi ?
i can lose my wifi sometimes after reboot but i’m using 3.074
most of the times i have to switch it back or set pw again… but that’s with 3.xx

I have no idea, but the screen is the only thing that changed before the wifi stop. I had reflashed volumio and setup again after disconnecting the screen, and the wifi works. I’ve attempted to connect the screen to setup volumio and I was unable to connect to the hotspot. It only works when the screen is disconnected.

strange does the screen work normal?
for screen settings @gvolt could help you but i didn’t see this version yet.
and wifi should not be impacted by your screen.

It’s pure guessing, but maybe either the screen’s electronics is badly shielded and interferes with wifi or the screen has some shielding effect on the Pi’s wifi antenna if the screen is mounted near to the Pi. Both effects should be reduced if you move the screen away from the Pi as far as possible.

P.S.: @Derrick You seem not to be the only one experiencing this.

@gvolt thanks dude. But the funny thing is that I can see the available wifi around, just unable to connect. I guess I’ll try to return the screen and get a new one

I agree it seems weird, but detecting a network and successfully connecting to it might make different demands. But I have no deeper knowledge about how wifi detection and making connections works.

Did you have the chance to move the display away from the Pi / the Pi’s antenna to check if this improves the situation?