Losing connection to DAC

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.882
Hardware: RPi 3

Frequently (but not always) when the end of a song in the queue is reached, there is a burst of static and the connection to the DAC is lost. I have to restart the Pi and renew some of the playback settings to recover.

This doesn’t happen when playing from Pandora, or when selecting songs individually. It only happens if I load songs into the queue and play from it.

The details of my DAC (purchased in 2013) are:
XMOS 384kHz high-quality USB to I2S PCB with ultralow noise 6.5uV regulator
24Bit/192KHz ES9023 DAC, I2S input, Ultra Low Noise Regulator

Most playback settings are default. I choose hardware mixer and set some of the volume options.

Any thoughts?