Looking for help understanding album art and tags

Hi all,

I have been quite careful to maintain the tags etc. in iTunes so that the correct album art is displaying. However I’ve noticed this doesn’t necessarily transfer nicely to Volumio. My question now is where exactly the album art is coming from that is displaying for artists and albums. Most folders do not contain a jpg at the moment, still album art is showing. The ones that are showing seem different from the iTunes covers, so this seems not related as well…

Regarding the tags I believe categorization of artists in Volumio is not entirely right by prioritizing the artist tag instead of the album artist. Should I create a feature request?

I understood from the ID3 specification the “Artist” tag is used to show the artists as on the album. The “Album Artist” tag is used to determine which artist the album should be categorized with. For example movie soundtracks/compilations would be listed as follows:

  • Artist: Kanye, Jay Z
  • Album artist: Various Artists
    A second example is a collaboration of an artist with a specific band. Think “artist” Metallica and the San Fransisco Symphony Orchestra or Typhoon and New Cool Collective (Warning: Dutch rap/hiphop). Both I’d like to categorize within the “album artist” Metallica and Typhoon respectively. In Volumio different artists are created in all examples which makes the library disorganized.

Did you try mp3tag? It works fine with my aac (m4a) iTunes tracks. In addition, Mp3tag is able to automatically update the tags, album covers that are embedded in them, and also update them using online resources like freedb, Amazon or discogs.

Check this post.