Looking for a power supply...


Does anyone know about a linear power supply module that provide the following voltages and current? I prefer to have one PSU module that provides the following voltages rather than having different PSU modules to provide different voltages. Im looking for DC voltages,

3.3V (>300mA)
5.0V (>1A)
+/- 12V (>100mA)

I will need this for an Odroid C2 board, an OLED display and this DAC kit (diyinhk.com/shop/audio-kits/ … d_oled_pcb). Any suggestions are appreciated.


I don’t know if could help you, but you can look at ifi ipower 5v and 12v. They are switching power supplies, but they have less noise than a linear power supply. A unique board that give 3.3v, 5v and 12v is hard to find.