Look at my new linear powersupply from China

I have a same LPS, started selling this on my shop 2 years ago. really nice.


Yes real value for the money.
They should add a trim to reduce brightness of the 7-segment display. Its a bit bright.

Their domestic retail price in China Taobao shop is around 360-400 RMB/pc, even higher than the net price on Aliexpress! I am thinking about how to place order on their Aliexpress shop and ship to China.

don’t have a CE mark. but you can order from China

you can buy a lot of this LPS from aliexpress.

I have been impressed by my dual LPS from a AE seller called Sengterbelle. It has an R core transformer and is there in single and in dual

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When do you think a linear power supply is needed?
I think my power grid is pretty stable. On my rPi I use only one USB port for an external HDD (which however has its own dedicated power supply), the network is wired and I use an Allo Boss I2s card connected via coaxial cable to my amplifier.
Do you think a linear power supply can bring me some improvements?

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in 99% of the cases a LPS provide a better sound for sure.


Got the unit today. I ordered it after reading your comments and I’m really glad I did.
I have the distinct feeling of an improvement. More solid and detailed soundstage.
Thank you very much for recommending it!

I have a question: I didn’t change the output voltage, I left it as it was and it shows 5.04. Do I have to change it or do I leave it like this for my Rpi3b +?

I would turn the output voltage a little bit higher, to approx… 5.15V. if you have an accurate voltage meter, you can even swing it a bit higher. Max 5.25V

Sorry for my ignorance on the subject, but what is the impact of using more or less voltage in terms of audio performance?

it gives you a bigger margin on voltage drop due to connected USB devices or GPIO pins. If for whatever reason the voltage drops below 4.85 V, the rPi starts to become unstable.