Look at my new linear powersupply from China

Who can spot the differences. (warning, it’s difficult but there are some)



Does anyone know where I need to connect the rPi?


Omg :frowning: I usually order from. Ali and also wanted to buy a psu… Could you pls also share the link…

Guess you don’t know how to connect the rPi to the baseball hats.

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wt funk is that for a psu?

Well it is portable.
You put it on your head, but can’t find the connection for the pi

it fits your head perfect not all at once …
maar ken er met me pet niet bij dat ze dit verschil niet hebben gezien…

Nope, finally it’s the logistics that made an error, After they tried to say it’s not their shipment…

Them: This package is not our delivery, the wrong package box (showed a picture)
Me: Track and Trace are unique. Haven’t ordered these. Maybe you should check your description, cost and weight as they are identical
Them: The logistics company got the goods wrong
Me: So How will this be solved?
Them: Wait for me for 24 hours.
We communicate with the logistics provider, how to deal with this problem.

most likely is the direct translation of rPi HAT :flushed:


I am landing there with the hope of finding new information on psu
not disappointed

:flushed: did it have a CE mark? China Export (of course) :grinning:

Welll, won’t get the supply. But they did a refund, Got myself some free HATs…

uhm strange way to handle a mismatch of orders, normal you would resend it.