long bootup time

Hi, I have Volumio (last version) running on a RPI 1B with wifi connection.
It takes up to 4-5 minutes to boot. Is this normal on this kind of setup? I used Rune for a few days and it booted in 1-2 minute.


The old RPi’s are a bit underpowered, but it does sound a long time for your boot. You could try generating a logfile, and post the link back here.

Thanks, here is the log http://logs.volumio.org/volumio/oJMUg7s.html

Nothing obvious there; a lot to do with the speed of the RPi. Your system boots to the Volumio system start in 1min 42s, a RPi3 takes 42s. Boot complete in 2min 25s vs. RPi3 in 46s. Your plugins such as youtube seem to take a long time to initialise. Also, your radio streams are a bit laggy … internet??