Logitec Media Server plugin for Volumio

I’m not sure what happened yesterday. Up until yesterday LMS was working brilliantly. Now when I try and move from the home screen to settings I get the following message: 403 Forbidden: settings/index.html

When I try and get in through the Volumio App on my iphone I can’t even access LMS and I get Error loading page.

Thankfully I can access it through the home page only on my network and the iPeng app still finds LMS on my network.

Hopefully someone has a suggestion for a fix. I am running LMS Docker edition 0.1.1 and squeezlite player 1.1.6

So is the issue about accessing Volumio or LMS?

If LMS is running then you don’t need to access it through Volumio. In fact, you already mentioned that iPeng is able to find LMS, right? Does iPeng also report LMS server info (IP address, port, etc.)?

The issue is that I can’t access settings which means no updating for new music or adding other plugins.

It still plays and accesses Spotify as well as my original library.

Did you try restarting the LMS plugin? Disable it and wait for the message confirming LMS has stopped. Then enable it again and give it a minute or two for LMS to fully start.

Also, could you PM me your log from http://<LMS address>:9000/server.log

Also try restarting your router.

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Restart of router and computer seems to have fixed everything.