Logitec Media Server plugin for Volumio

testing, not sure if you can run “volumio install” on a zip file, as it keep erroring out. Just unzipped the file and installation is running.*

Ok finally find an old manual plugin install procedure, and indeed you were right, unzip is necessary

So here it is:
ssh to volumio with a terminal

rm dstmmix*.* 
wget -O dstmmix.zip http://dl.rexnvs.com/dl/dstmmix.zip
mkdir ./dstmmix
miniunzip dstmmix.zip -d ./dstmmix
cd ./dstmmix
volumio plugin install
rm -Rf dstmmix
rm dstmmix.zip

yep that looks familiar and I know where you borrowed it :smile:

However the zip file is damaged. Tried 2 times. Original is 320kB, this one is only 127kB.

hahaha got it
Why things are always so complicated ???
you have to copy raw link https://github.com/chourmovs/volumio-plugins-sources/blob/master/dstmmix/dstmmix.zip?raw=true
(Don’t ask me why) and it works here

I edited the previous post
Thx my friend, nice collaboration ^^

Edit : I add also the command “rm dstmmix*.*” at the start of the sequence to be sure to unzip the right file in case of several attempt

Yep, it’s working now. :+1:
Please add as last command

rm dstmmix.zip
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done thank you

Hello advanced users friends

For my plugin project, I will need to cross compile sources to provide different binaries on a maximum of machines with different architectures and thus propose multi-arch plugin
The sources of “Bliss analyser” by cdrummond are intended to be compiled by RUST and the cross compilation can be complicated if you don’t own the target machine.

To help me
Install dependencies
apt install -y clang libavcodec-dev libavformat-dev libavutil-dev libavfilter-dev libavdevice-dev pkg-config

Install rust on your volumio
curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf https://sh.rustup.rs | sh

download sources
wget https://github.com/CDrummond/bliss-analyser/archive/refs/tags/0.2.1.zip

Unzip it
miniunzip 0.2.1.zip

Place in the good folder
cd bliss-analyser-0.2.1

source "$HOME/.cargo/env"
cargo build --release

Send me a message or put a link (gdrive,wetransfer…etc) to send me the binary and tell me your architecture, you’ll find the file to send in /target/release/ folder under the name of “bliss-analyser”

Thanks in advance

Shouldn’t you not just deal with this in the install.sh script, of your plugin?

I thought about it but the process of installing rust and compile source is somewhat heavier and longer than average plugin installation work, especially on low CPU machine
Another way for me could be to deal with rust builtin target cross compilation but it’s more risky in term of quality and I have to master the tool a way more than I do today

Just mentioning it, If people decide to have LMS on a low CPU, the price is waiting for the compile.
Otherwise you’ll have a lot of work keep everything up to date. Architecture will be reasonable stable but rev’s. won’t.

You have to notice that compiling something in a plugin install or after, prevent it to be one day in the store…
So compile all you need and include it in the plugin or link it in install.sh to download it when installing.
The max size for the final zip is <10Mo
For more information, have a look at the plugin Dev doc : https://developers.volumio.com/

Balbuze I sent you a PM and push a pull request on git (probably too anticipated), don’t hesitate to be rude if I am completely wrong on my whole process or if you need more explanations
Thank you for your answers and indications

I don’t use to be rude :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:!
BTW I’ll have look asap! (this weekend…)

Updated to freshly released official LMS 8.3.0

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Plugin submited in test/dev section of plugin manager.:tada:
Thx to Balbuze for his nice support to fix undefined ip in wlan0 network :heart:

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i have installed your dstmmix 1.0.1 on Rpi 4. Everything ok.
I installed Saiyato squeezelite player 1.1.6
your LMS need a lot of time to find player
but then the sound is very good
in other room I have squeezebox Touch which connect to your LMS perfectly.

Hi. No need of squeezelite, i invite you to try local player plugin within LMS to attack directly your soundcard. As explained before: volumio + fusiondsp to manage your soundcard, and LMS to serve music and mix it in a very reliable way. This is the best combo from far.


yes, you are right.
I didnt know that local player is the plugin of LM server.
Thanks for help.

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