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Hello, I try to install Volumio for my first time on my new Raspberry card.
I have a new 16 GB Kingstone Micro SDHC memory card. Formatted with “SDFormats”. Located on G-Drive in my computer, labeled “Boot”
Volumio 2.141-2017-04-21.pi.img is Downloaded from https: “// volumio.org/get-started/” and opened with “WinZip”
And located at: C: + Users + Ulf + Document + Volumio2.141…

Have open “Win32DiskImager.exe” I click on the symbol to the right of “image file” and on the next screen I find C: + Users + Ulf + Document + Volumio 2.141… Mark and click open. Coming back to “Win32DiskImager and click” Write "
Get warning: Writting to a physical device … Click Yes
Coming Up: Complete 1.0 - Write Successful - Click OK
I Close “Win32DiskImager”

I remove SD card from computer and I Insert SD card into my Raspberry Pi 3 Model B widh 7” Touchscreen. Bought one week ago. And turn on power.

When it say: Raspian GNU/Linux 8 volumio tty1 volymio log in: I type “volumio”
When it asks for Password, I’m trying to write volumio but nothing happens, it can not be written there.
Have also tried: volumio2 / volumio - root / volumio - pi / raspberry and Volumio + Volumio2 Nothing works.

I do not understand what I’m doing wrong. I need some help with this so that I can continue my little radio project.

My plan is to later continue with the ALLO kit. Kali + Piano 2.1 + Volt

Regards Ulf

PS I’ve previously installed Noobs and Raspian on another SD card and it works great on Raspberry Pi and Screen. Needed only 4 attempts before it succeeded.

It sounds to me as though you need to get Volumio configured for your touchscreen.

Allow Volumio to boot, connect to the Volumio hotspot (password “Volumio2”) on an external device (mobile, laptop, or tablet), and access the Volumio UI in a browser at IP address You can then configure the various options, and also install the ‘Touch Display’ plugin.

Screen support is included by default in this scenario, because there is an installed GUI. Volumio doesn’t use this GUI, and is accessed by it’s own browser UI.

Good luck (& welcome) :slight_smile:

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