Login password ssh on keyboard

Hello dear forum, I need your help. My project is to install Vulumio on a Pi Z W and I’ve done everything so far. Volumio successfully set up via the browser. As soon as I connect Zero to my screen, it asks for a password again? How can it work around the problem i don’t have a keyboard do all of this through ssh. Many thanks for the help

Volumio is designed as a headless system, i.e. to be run without screen, keyboard and mouse but operated from another device (as you did already when you configured Volumio). So you neither need to connect a screen to your Pi nor have to log in from the command line.

If you want to use a screen which is connected to your Raspberry you could install the Touch Display plugin. It shows Volumio’s UI on the “local” screen. But be prepared that your Pi Z W would probably not be powerful enough to give you a smooth experierence with that solution. The plugin needs to install and run some additional software (mainly xorg and chromium-browser) which uses up some system resources.

Many thanks for the help, How do I get the mask on my display? I still understood that. Unfortunately, I only see the login command. As I said on the laptop, I don’t see the mask on my display on the Pi

With “mask” do you mean the graphical user interface of Volumio?

As mentioned to display Volumio’s GUI on a screen connected to your Pi you would have to install the Touch Display plugin. In a browser navigate to “Settings” / “Plugins” / “Search Plugins”. You find the plugin in the category “Miscellanea”.

I did that, but I have a mistake somewhere.

Did you enable the plugin?

I’m not sure I’ll check it out tonight and report back