login/password not clear?

Hi, new in town and have read what i can but I cannot get my temporary hotspot working. I’m with a Raspberry PI 3B+ and touchscreen, i’m being asked for a a login and password - I understand the password is volumio2 (i think) but there’s no mention of what the login actually is. Currently can’t get past that stage, anyone help please?

thanks. Sean

Totally normal, please see here:
volumio.github.io/docs/User_Man … Guide.html

OK found the problem & yes it was in the link but it doesn’t jump out at you.
When I installed the Touch Screen plugin I also installed the Spotify plugin, then when I went to enable the the plugin (never had to do that before) only the Spotify one was showing so I assumed I didn’t have to enable it. I have just gone back to the Enable Plugins and now the Touch Screen is showing up and it’s now working.

anyone know what the login is :slight_smile:

I have the Pi3B+ with the official Touch Screen, I have installed the Touch Screen app via Chrome and rebooted the lot.

I get the Volumio Logo, then it displays the following;

“Raspian GNU/Linix 8 dq-volumio tty1”
“dq-volumio login:”

I have used many logins but nothing has worked, I have used, volumio, volumio2 dq828 (my login) etc but it just keeps telling me my login is incorrect.

I have been to the link and I cannot find a solution.