Login in Qobuz not possible

In version 2.692 a new login in Qobuz is not possible. A restart did not help either.
I completely flashed the SD card and the problem persists.

Then I flashed version 2.673 and I was able to log into Qobuz without any problems.

There also seems to be a problem there.
I hope it helps with troubleshooting.


I have just flashed 2.692 and was able to login to Qobuz no problem.

Have you first logged into Volumio Virtuoso or Superstar successfully? Does it then offer you the Qobuz login? What happens after that?

In fact, I just checked it out and it works wonderfully.

No idea what was going on, I had tried various options. (Reboot, reset of user data including new setup, new flashing …) Always the same error message.
An error message was displayed that a login was not possible …

Great that there are no problems