Logged into MyVolumio but still being told to "To access the plugins store you need to login to MyVolumio"

Logged into MyVolumio on my R-Pi both from a browser on my computer and from the iOS app but when try to install plug-ins, keep getting the message “To access the plugins store you need to [login to MyVolumio”

This is just after installaton of the most recent image download (3.251)

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Are you using the Community edition ?

In that case you need to manually install the plugins in SSH , my Volumio is not available for community editions

I thought there is only one version but you can sign up for Volumio Premium if you want additional features such as Tidal Connect.

I have also installed the latest version on a R-Pi / DigiOne and am getting the same problem. The first R-Pi is interfaced to a Boss2.

Same with me. I can’t activate tidal Connect on my device (I’m using Usbridge and Premium Plan; 3.251 Version).

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Send log please. It seems some volumio endpoints can’t be reached, due to internet problem (router, firewall,ISP?)
There is only one version for Rpi… Community build are only the work of users for specific hardware :wink:

Tried to generate log file but just get “Sending log report, please wait”. So that got me thinking it may indeed be an internet / router / firewall / ISP problem.

So I set up a hotspot with my phone, connected Volumio to the hotspot, and then connected to Volumio with a browser - and bingo I don’t get the error message and I can install plug-ins!

We recently had fibre installed, so have a new modem and router. But all my other internet-connect kit is working fine.

Any suggestions on how I can resolve this would be gratefully accepted!

I have just accessed the plugins store after setting Network on Volumio: off custom DNS Server and change to Automatic IP. Now I have tidal connect, Youtube2, Spotify… with Premium plan. Tks for sharing.

I managed to solve the same issue ("To access the plugins store you need to login to MyVolumio”) on my RPi + Boss2 in exactly the same way - set up a hotspot on my phone, switch off WiFi on my phone so only connected by 4G, connect Volumio to the hospot, access Volumio from the browser on my phone - then I could install plug-ins.

After the first plug-ins were installed, I can now install additional plug-ins while connected to my home network.

All a bit strange. Anyway, I have got both working, so am not going to fiddle around any more.

works with automatic ip, when i setup static doesnt work anymore… bug?