Log in to the Volumio 3 pc

I just download Volumio 3 for a pc, and I got a new computer, and I am trying to log in, but it tells me the email is use by other account. How can I fix it?

You mean logging into myVolumio and it complains that the email is used by another myVolumio account?
In that case, contact your official support:

Why I can not log in with Volumio 3?

I don’t know, community members can’t help with myVolumio account issues.
You are entitled to dedicated support and I advise you to use the opportunity mentioned above.

Are you from Volumio?

nope, a Community Member and moderator.

Any idea how can I get help from Volumio?

Use the link I posted a few posts above. It creates a ticket and you will get contacted.

Did it work with Volumio 2, or is Volumio 3 your first one?

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