Local Monitor

I’m looking at putting together a Raspberry Pi or Beaglebone Black based media player, but I would like it to have a local monitor that displays the current song, volume, etc… It would also be nice to be able to control volume and basic menu navigation with a keyboard and/or touchscreen/mouse. Is it possible to set up Volumio with a local GUI like this?

This is going to be a lot harder than you think. 7 inch monitors are hard to find and more expensive than 15 inch ones. You still then have to drive it and input to it, and volumio does not have the drivers for that. So you’d need to do a lot of coding.

I’d get a 7" kindle fire HD from ebay - 2nd hand, about €50-90 on ebay uk - then , mod it and install the after market cyanogenmod android ROM, you can get up to android 4.4 or a more stable 4.2 equivalent + clockwork mod recovery and g.apps all for free, and use volumio’s web GUI on the kindle to drive the pi. I wouldn’t try to use the native kindle rom as it is seriously restricted in terms of what it will let you run. You can also use the cgm kindle to remote drive other headless devices like media players and so on, and probably buy a third party stand too.

Just a suggestion audiophonics.fr/fr/kits-modu … -6941.html

Yeah 7" LCD kits a cheap, I’m not worried about that. I’m worried about the software aspect.

I know Volumio runs in command line mode. Is it possible/easy to run Volumio at the same time as an X server and a browser? I think I can probably accomplish what I want if I can run a web client on the server at the same time.

I tried it on UDOO… But I really doubt that Pi can handle that without struggling a lot…
However if you find a lightweight web browser that doesn’t need x you could do that (dunno if it’s even possible…)

Some years ago I did a test with lynx.browser.org/
It’s a text base web browser :wink:

How was performance with UDOO? UDOO Quad seems powerful enough.

Not a problem, it all worked flawlessly… I just had to install an X server, LXDE and chroe (added almost a GB).
Then I autostarted chrome in kiosk mode poiting it to localhost… Et voilà…

You can also edit the webui to customize it to your needs…

The only drawback is the cost: 100 euros for UDOO + 70 for the 7’’ of the touchscreen. But all the people that saw that player were amazed…

Brilliant! Now to find a UDOO and 7" LVDS display.

I’d like to undigg this thread as it seems to be of greater interest to several users. Michelangelo, you said you got a display working and STILL had good sound quality using UDOO? So not as disappointing as with the raspberry pi? :slight_smile:
My question is: Does it have to be the UDOO? I suppose other plattforms that are more powerfull than the Pi would do as well, no? What about the Cubox-i? Or rather, “what” Cubox-i would be sufficient? And could you detail out the steps to get these things working? E.g. Is a sleep mode of the touchscreen possible, s.t. the screen switches off after 2 minutes without use, but wakes up on a pushoff a button? I find the Cubox interesting as it is very economic on power consumption. This would be all jeopardized if the screen would light up permanently. :question:

Thanks a lot to all the contributors, and Michelangelo above all!


I bought this from dealextreme:


Any chance to get this working with Volumio?
What do you think?

As this thread has been brought up again:

@Michelangelo: With the Pi-2 and all the other devices beeing more powerfull now, don’t you think that they would be able to handle a local monitor, maybe even a touchscreen now without smashing the audio quality? Could you describe again what you did to get the local monitor on the UDOO to work?

Yepp, more power with RP2 :wink: