Local cover art


I use Mpad and Mpdroid on my phone to control Volumio (installed on a Raspberry Pi) but i can’t read the local cover.
I tried to follow what i read on the forum but it doesn’t work.

In Mpad or Mpdroid my configuration is :

  • Local cover : http://[IPVolumio]/music
    And my music is under Genre/Artist/Album with a folder.jpg in each album folder. Of course i indicate to Mpad or Mpdroid to find “folder.jpg”.
    My music si stored on a NAS connected to my Raspberry.

Could someone give me the procedure to use the local cover with this configuration ?

Thanks a lot for your help



Have you created “covers” softlink like you read it on the forum?

If you have - your mpdroid local cover should be just: covers (and not http://[IPVolumio]/music)