LMS plugin with DAC+ ADC

Hi, I have 3 RPI’s running Volumio in my house. One of them has a DAC+ ADC which allows me to input an analogue source. I can then listen to the analogue source in Volumio but but only on the device its actually plugged into which for me seems kind of pointless.
I want to be able to send the analogue source audio to the other 2 devices.

There is a guide on how to do this using LMS on the Hifi berry website:

However, this guide describes using a RP with a clean installation of Debian.
I want to be able to do it all within volumio as I already have it installed on the devices.

Does the LMS pluggin allow me to do this and if so, is there a tutorial anywhere?

I understand this will eventually be a built in feature of volumio but you have to pay for superstar. Obviously if the LMS pluggin does this for free i’d like to give it a go.