LMS Help No Sound Output

Sorry for a “simple” one but new to Volumio and trying to use my Logitech Media Server (LMS). I have the plug-in installed, can open LMS through Volumio plug-in (thank you), can see the Volumio device on the network through LMS Web Console which is an Rpi 4 running Volumio. I cannot get sound or output from the Rpi4. All the program material is loading in LMS Web Console so the signal is getting this far. It is an Allo DigiOne Sig and works with Volumio direct. Thanks for any help.

if you want to play the Allo DigiOne Sig via LMS then you need squeezelite player.

Thanks for the response. I am running Squeezelite player or pretty sure I am. The player comes up on the LMS Web Console through the Volumio plug-in and is identified as a Squeezelite player. Also, previously Using DietPi in my Rpi with just LMS it worked fine with the exception of losing the Tidal interface due to a “connect timed out” issue I could not resolve. This was the primary reason I went to Volumio to get Tidal (Connect). Using Volumio for web radio, Tidal Connect with my player works fine and gets sound output. Seems to be a sound output issue at the player which is Allo DigiOne hat with SPiDIF.

Thanks again for input.

I also have the Squeezelite player plug-in installed through, Volumio but need to figure out how it is intended to interact with, LMS if at all using both plug-ins.

try another alsa output device in squeezelite, reboot and try again, in most cases default system output works, at the very bottom of the dropdown menu.
in my case that is system default tone1.

and check in LMS en and set your player in LMS and configure your player.

All fields are correct in Volumio plug-ins and LMS. Tried all the DigiOne outputs as well as the others and still no sound out. My DigiOne is SPDIF through I2S hat so maybe a hold back here. But it works with just Volumio source material. Is it possible that somewhere in LMS Settings it is holding back information? When I select LMS through the Volumio plug-in it comes up, recognizes the Squeezelite player and can start playing the selected material in LMS but does not work it’s way back through Volumio like Tidal Connect does. Must be something simple.

UPDATE- have LMS and Squeezelite Plug-ins working on one of my players….hopefully will get it going on the other one. I now realize that Volumio is static while LMS Plug in’ are running.

UPDATE 2: Both players now working with LMS and Squeezelite Plug-IN’s. First and foremost thanks for the development of these plug-in’s. Both players now access my MacPro running LMS and hard drive music as well as all the LMS features. Super cool.

What happened in case others have an issue: I had to re-install LMS and Squeezelite plug-ins on my Raspberry Pi that was not working with LMS. To narrow down I swapped the OS card to the non-working player and it worked with LMS so I knew it was not hardware. Put original OS card back in and once I re-installed plug-ins on the non working player it worked.

Thanks again for the help.

I don’t know which plugin version lms is now active in volumio but if it is an old version check the link to update lms in volumio.