Little noise while starting manually a track

Hi, i am a recent owner of volumio 3 based on raspberry 2 with a I2S IQAudio Pro HAT DAC. As a started using it, I found out that a litle noise is played when i manually start a track. I ear no noise between tracks when they are played in a list, automatically one ofter the other. May be I need to make some adjustments in volumio settings?
Can someone help me? Thanks

Is it every track or only when changing sample rate? eg 44khz to 192khz…

If the later, its probably a known issue with DACs - Volumio have been asked to add a short pause to help fix (as Roon offers).

I don’t think you can do anything for it, i hear the click/pop noise everytime i manually change track no matter which DAC i have attached to my raspberry.

The thing is this noise only happens with raspberry, no other music source i have do make these glitches while changing tracks.

Here is a pretty good explanation for the noise/click/popping
Volumio can solve it to add an optional silence before moving to the next track. I’ve requested/mentioned this before to Volumio, but prob. overseen.

ok thanks, i think have undertsood. So at this moment there is no setting to force Volumio to play these small periods of silence you are talking about… correct?

For example in JRiver there is a setting to do this.

Roon also does this with a ‘Resync Delay’ option


This should also fix the first .5 seconds of a track being missed due to format change.

There are a few threads where the Volumio team was looking to implement this a while back but has since gone quiet

I will become a premium subscriber soon as this is implemented :smiley:

It is strange that there are so few people disturbed by this problem

Depends on the DAC that is being used. Some of the manufacturers have address this issue in the software of the DAC,

Yes sadly they have.

In my opinion this is something that should be fixed at source level, after all its the one which feeds the signal to dac which makes it pop/click and the issue behind the behaviour is very well known.

Either way, the best for consumers would be if DAC manufactors and Media player developers could talk about the fact that this is an real issue as it can be, and make an agreement whos responsibility is it to fix it.

Oh for sure, that may happen and would be welcomed with any new DACs to be released

However, those with current DACs still experience the issue. Roon and JRiver offer a solution - is this still on the road map with Volumio (it was back in 2018/19)?