Listen to classical music, mostly opera


I’ve just successfully assembled a HifiBerry Amp+ on a Raspberry 2 and installed Volumio.

Everything is smooth and slick, and the sound quality of the HifiBerry is really great.

Now I’d like to set it up for its intended use, listen to my ripped collection of operas (and other bodies of work). They are specific in the way that they a comprised of a lot of single tracks, originally on several CD’s. Normally, you’d like to listen to an opera in full. But sometimes you’d like to listen to a specific aria, of course.

I have playlists in Amarok for most of the works, and wonder if there is a way to reuse these? Or a simple howto somewhere for creating a playlist for each opera.

mpd is the player back-end that volumio uses. It supports .pls and .m3u playlists - these are simply text files that can be edited with notepad or something similar. You may be able to export your playlists from amarok to one of these formats.