List of features/options

Didn’t find my ideas here: suggest-feature-collection-t1482.html

So here we go:

  1. crossfader 0…15sec
  2. gapless playback - on/off
  3. replay gain - track/album/auto
  4. autoplay/resume after start - on/off - []
  5. upnp renderer/airplay/shairport - on/off (one switch for each)
  6. hdmi - on/off
  7. expand sd-card/ssd storage
  8. restart volumio ui or restart mpd button
  9. UI password option
  10. update library from folder menu (play, add to queue, clear and play, add to playlist, update folder)

More thoughts:

a) random/repeat/gapless/crossfade should be easy to access from the player status or below the circle. (Does someone use playback - “go to” - tweet track? The fewer clicks the better.)

b) or even worse with sources: browse (1) - music library (2) - NAS/USB (3) - Alias (4) - path (5) - file (6) …Clearly too much clics…

  • Solution: Browse (1) - music library/radio/usb/alias (2) - path (3)

c) player artist/title layout:
ARTIST (most important H1)
TITLE (also important H2)
ALBUM (not so important H3)

d) technical status/info for geeks :slight_smile:

  • input file info - already in the status circle
  • output file info - playing file
  • connected dac/hat info
  • cpu/ram/temperature

Don’t get me wrong, volumio is great, especially UI, but could be even better! :slight_smile:

edit: autostart/resume plugin link. This should be in plugins management!