lirc support

IR remote control out of the box would be great. See my post in Tweaks. The issue would be the support of standard remotes or a very simple procedure to create the appropriate config file. But all is explained in my post so it should not be too difficult for any user to add IR Remote Control.

Remote control would be great. I guess if I got a flirc I should be able to configure it to control volumio?

FLIRC is too expensive and will give you head-pain. I use this from ebay: 260944290485 with an Apple A1156 remote control and connect it direct to GPIO. You use any remote you have in the house. Use this tutorial … 3420#p5621. Its very easy. I can write a HOW TO tutorial here if someone want.

Cool! Nice and cheap!
It would require a breadboard and soldering?
Something I have no experience in, but would like to learn so this might be a good project!

That tutorial linked looks very good, what I would love to see is maybe a picture of how it is setup. Would you have one?
Thanks for the info

Please check my tutorial on diy volumio projects

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