Linux-headers for Volumio x86

How can I install linux-headers for Volumio x86? I need them to install wl (Broadcom drivers) to get wi-fi working on an old MacBook laptop.

Volumio x86 comes with Linux kernel 3.18.25, and I can’t find any way to install that particular version of the the headers.

I’ve tried linux-headers-686, linux-headers-3.16.0-6, linux-headers-4.x (can’t remember the exact version) and linux-headers-amd64, but none of them will let me install wl (the installation is skipped as the 3.18.25 headers are missing).

You have a PM


I have the same problem for several days and I can not find anything.
How did you do ?

Thank yu

I think i have find :slight_smile: … .25-vivid/


Continuing the discussion from linux-headers for Volumio x86: Hi! I have the same problem and I wonder what did you PM the user as a solution for x86 3.18.25 headers?