Linking volumio and ampli wifi

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: last on the website
Hardware: rapsberry pi4 4Gb

Hello all of you. Greetings from France (and pardon my english)

I’ve installed and configured volumio on a rapsberry Pi4.

It works well with the volumio app on my phone.

Here’s my issue.

I’ve a yamaha r-n303 (incorporated dac)

I can manage volumio sending sound like a server (using hifi cast or bubbleupnp) but in that case, i can’t use the volumio app to search and play.

I tried and searched but i didn’t find how in volumio i could send sound to my ampli without using a 3rd app.

Anyone could point me in the right direction?


Volumio can’t send audio via WiFi. The best as your and integrates a Dac is to plug your Rpi to the amp.
What kind of input on your amp? usb, coax, spdif?

On the amp, i’ve got rca(line and phono) , optical, bluetooth and wifi.

I can’t understand why volumio can’t send via wifi as it’s simple with bubbleupnp (but i really prefer volumio user interface…)

I think i can only cry tears… :disappointed_relieved: