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Hi everyone, I have a big problem I have installed volumio on an sd card to drive a raspberry pi 3 with dac hifiberry, unfortunately after inserting the micro sd in the raspberry, all attempts to connect to volumio have failed, both from pac and from smartphone with the native application. I think I have made all the connections in the right way I connected the rasp is to a lan port of the router and I connected a hard dik to the usb port, but nothing. Please help me by explaining where maybe I went wrong.

@Ginetto oke see if you see something with http://volumio.local in any browser …
/dev to activate the ssh after that you could get in to your pi …
what do you see if you connect your pi to the hdmi?
ps how did you burn the image and was the image for the pi?
on audio output >> i2c dac>>> has to be on hifiberry

What type of usb drive have you added, it may be taking too much power unless it get’s it power from a separate supply

This is http://volumio.local not https://volumio.local

@balbuze fixed the link :wink:

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Thanks to all for the help, problem solved, the program was not written completely on sd. I have another question, is it possible to download the Tidal plugin without necessarily subscribing to myvolumio. Thank you

There’s no Tidal plugin… This is a part of myvolumio, so with subscription