Link to toolchain for cross-platform development (Raspberry Pi)?

Ok, seem to have working system, playing audio through the Dirac Live ladspa plugin (ALSA PCM plugin), and it works for mpd and spop :+1:

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Btw. where can I find the logs for spop/sox ?

Nice! But shouldn’t anything that works with ALSA also work fine then? (Airplay/Snapcast/Spotify connect/ etc)

I fairly sure it should. My /etc/asound.conf just sets up a ALSA PCM plugin (that loads the ladspa plugin) that I set as audio output in mpd.conf and spop.conf.

But I see that the Spotify plugin resets the sox audio output to “plughw:0,0” on login. It would be nice to be able to select the ALSA device configured in asound.conf, and use that in mpd.conf and spop.conf.

Instead of messing with each daemon, you would be better off using the approach @balbuze uses with his DSP plugins – so that you can directly select the ALSA plugin as the default output device from the playback settings, that will then get propagated down to the various other plugins automatically…


But isn’t that involving ALSA loopbacks and stuff? That’s a solution I’d really like to steer clear of, for a number of reasons. Since mpd and spop obviously can use a device defined in /etc/asound.conf, Volumio only needs to be able to list those devices as selectable in the output configuration.

@balbuze, do you have a link to how you connect the DSP plugins with Volumio?

I have something a bit tricky, due to the actual arch of volumio that does not allows to choose asound device as output. This is full of workaround…It seems ok with most of USB dac, a bit more complicated with i2s, even if it works nice on my RPI3 + Allo Boss…
My repo : Dsp for Volumio

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IIRC, Volumio currently expects that the output devices are all physical cards and are hence parsed directly from aplay.
It might be a good time to revisit that and add the ability to parse the alsa config for say a predefined output device and add it to the list displayed?


@ashthespy : there is a work in progress… for the future of Volumio3


Nice! Looking forward! :slight_smile: