Limits on amount of Music files/folders for MyVolumio Free users


I am new to Volumio and have just setup my Rasperry Pi 3B+ and connected it via HDMI to my AV Receiver. I then created an SMB/CIFS share for the music and added a network drive in Volumio. I have also purchased the Volumio App on the Google Play Store for use via my mobile phone.

The problem I have run into however is that Volumio is not able to scan 3600+ files or more than 600 folders by the looks of it. Has limits been imposed for MyVolumio Free users? I am still testing to find out if this solution of right for me before investing more money into it. The annual subscription are not cheap for me as the dollar exchange rate is not in our favour.

Please advise.

Okay, seems to be a non-issue as it continued syncing about an hour later and is still busy.

No, there are no restrictions imposed on MyVolumio free users for the general operation of Volumio on your device.

Thank you for the confirmation.